Vis Burrough ABOUT

The detail of a mountain is combined with the style of BIKE and it is casual wear.
It is called a sport -- bundling -- it is not -- to the last -- the proposal as the arrival at a town, and everyday wear.
If the goods which tend to be visible to the basics apparently are also worn through a sleeve, a design and the outstanding functionality can be felt.
It is a design concept of Vis Burrough... It can take in "a pattern is a design ..."
This is also being unable to make, unless he understands molding which is also the outstanding starting point of a pattern sense, experience, and clothes.
That it can be given as touch through a sleeve first of all becomes clothes for which Vis Burrough asks.
Vis Burroughのデザインコンセプトである・・・『パターンがデザイン・・・』を感じ取れます。
まずは袖を通し感じとってもらえる事がVis Burroughの求める洋服になります。